KM02 Knight Morpher: Annihilator

Chapter 1

The Knight Morpher known as ULTRA, is the next in line to lead the Knight Morphers, if anything is to happen to COMMANDER. However, to become the leader, one's ember must be pure in light. While ULTRA under went a purging process, to rid of the darkness within his ember, CYCLOPS infiltrated the Knight Morpher headquarters, and took the pure dark ember, which was extracted.
His plan was to create a new weapon to unleash among the knights, and bring victory to his fellow Eliminators...to be continued

Product Features
• Joints improved by using POM quality
• 2 sections of railway tracks included
• KMA sword as a new weapon
• 1 extra head, same sculpt with ball joint and fixed visor, for replacing KM01 Commander's. Coming with pre-ordered while quantity lasts

Sample shown in the picture is hand painted only

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