Knight Morpher Promotional Pictures

Name: KNIGHT MORPHER Commander
Product Code: KM-01
Height: 6.5 inches
Quality: ABS
Release date & MSRP: Feb 2010, please check with your local retailer for purchase info.
Remark: Finished product will be colored and assembled. Color of finished product may vary from images shown.


Revealing more gimmicks of KM Commander

1. An extra pair of fists for holding the lance will be included in the product.
Remark: fists don't need to be pulled out when he transforms.
2. Chest piece is openable and contains KMC's Leadership-module.
3. In locomotive mode, the lance is hidden inside the cannon , the shield converts to the front part of the trailer.
4. Swivel cannon is the major weapon of the base. Its front part will become KMC's flight backpack and the remainder guards the base as a tiny cannon. Flipping down the base will form its defense mode.


Preview of KM01: Knight Morpher Commander

Name: Knight Morpher Commander
Product Code: KM01
Height: 6.5 inches
Quality: ABS
Release date & MSRP: To be confirmed, please check with your local retailer for purchase info.
Remark: What's shown is prototype only, final product will be colored and assembled.


Clarification Of H.O.S. Commander Pre-Orders.

We were recently informed on a particular auction on Taobao.com taking pre-orders of a product using pictures taken from Sabrina and our partner Eric's (graffith76) blog.

We would wish to inform the general public that we are in no way affiliated to this party or the product they are selling. The pictures used do belong to us and Sabrina respectively thus we see the need to clarify on this matter that state that the pictures are used without any permission of the respective owners.

MMC is not to be held responsible in the event of any possible fraudulent cases resulting from the auction.

MMC will officially announce news update on the project as well as the names of our affiliated partners and retailers who will be carrying our product.


New H.O.S. Commander

- There will be a number of improvements & changes made to perfect the original design especially for mechanism.


Work In Process

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