Knight Morpher Promotional Pictures

Name: KNIGHT MORPHER Commander
Product Code: KM-01
Height: 6.5 inches
Quality: ABS
Release date & MSRP: Feb 2010, please check with your local retailer for purchase info.
Remark: Finished product will be colored and assembled. Color of finished product may vary from images shown.


Requiem Prime said...
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Requiem Prime said...

I really like the color scheme, especially in locomotive mode. I've heard talk about the red wheels, but it really does work at keeping him from being boring.

The only slight is the cowcatcher really stands out in robot mode, blending in with the upper half. The only other color that might work is a dark grey like on his chest, but I like the red in train mode so much I think it wouldn't be enough red without it. Maybe I'm just used to his red stopping at the waist. Just promise you won't cut any coloring in the released version and I'll be good.

Mastermind Creations said...

Hi Requiem Prime, thank you for your comments. For the color scheme, we have striven to balance the feasibility of mass production as well as the homage to G1. It is sad that we can't meet everyone's expectation because everybody has his own Prime in mind. We hope fans will like our design in a way and for sure the final product will be close to or even better than the images that we published here.

Unknown said...

hi MMC, cant wait for the release. will definitely get one. hope it will give other fans project a run for their money. best of luck to u guys! keep on creating!

Anonymous said...