Guesting to Victoria Toy Show

MMC is proud to announce to be a guest attendee to the 8th Victoria Ultimate Hobby and Toy Fair dated October 16th.

Prototype of Terminus Hexatron will make his debut in the show, attendees will be able to thoroughly see the first design of our Reformatted line.  Shown in the event along Hexatron there will be more upcoming designs of ours.

MMC will also work with the toy show organizers to give away door prizes and a one-off lucky draw Cyclops figure.  The anticipated KMX Commander will be released in the event, customers will either be picking up their pre-orders on site or have the items shipped by Cherry Bomb later.

Carpe Diem

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Kaijumaster said...

Oh it is so very much a purchased item! I'm hoping Overlord is one of those upcoming designs.