KMC Promotional Gallery (95 photos)

Exclusive to Seibertron.com on Feb 4th, the complete KMC promotional gallery is up for our fans to review.


Requiem Prime said...

I saw these on Seibertron and ment to ask. I noticed the cabin has a connector for other cars, but is only pictured with another cabin (i.e. from a second set). Are other standalone railcars in the works?

Master Mind Creations said...

Your are right, we designed the connector for that purpose. Indeed we have several plans for the whole Knight Morpher series.

kalyrules said...

hey is there any site i can buy this guy from you directly? or how can i get my hands in to this great piece?

Lux Aeterna said...

I know that you probably have received a lot of comments on your product but I HAD to come here to tell you how much I love this thing.

You've done an amazing work, and while it's still perfectible (joints and connectors are a little too tight which break or stressmark easily the plastic) it's a very very incredible piece of art.

I have a lot of Transformers but this one is probably one of my favorite. Thank you for having made KMC possible.

Matt said...

I think this is just an amazing toy, yet I have some reservations about the connectors on the hands. Will it be possible to get replacements for the hand parts? I do see stress marks just from normal removal and replacement of the hands. I suspect that they will break within a short number of changes. Any info on this would be appreciated. Otherwise, fantastic toy!

tony said...

hi, Mastermind Creations team

i just bought a knight Morpher Comander , i really like it, but some part have a problem , the dress part (traingle red colour) all left side and the sword (very sharp silver parts) curved inside the cannon . Could i change the problem part? i live i hong kong. thanks please reply tony


Patrick said...

Amazing, I bought mine... so what is the next project?

Master Mind Creations said...

Hi tony and Matt,
Regarding parts requesting, please talk to the retailer whom you bought KMC from, we have an agreement with our authorized resellers on replacement parts & exchange.

Hi Lux Aeterna & Patrick & everyone else who loves KMC,
We owe you a big thank-you for your supports. As newbies, we still need to make a lot of improvements and we have been working on it. Our next project will be announced here very soon, and we do have plans to extend the Knight Morpher line. Stay tuned with us.
MMC team

Master Mind Creations said...

Hi kalyrules
Please check with the retailers that we listed on the uppper left of our blog. Just try to find one near you.